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    NEW Personalized Birthstone Rings

    Our NEW Personalized Birthstone Rings are simple, beautiful and elegant. With up to 3 birthstones, which are hand-set into the sterling silver band. The inside of the ring can be personalized with names, a special date, words, or a sweet saying. These rings are completely handmade and you will sense the love that goes into the making of each one.

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    Grandmother Jewelry

    Our Grandmother Jewelry makes a beautiful gift. A custom piece personalized with her grandkids’ names and birthstones is sure to be treasured. Each one can also be customized with the special name that her grandkids call her (Nana, Mimi, Oma, Granny, etc).  Our pieces are handmade to order and she will love the care and attention to detail that goes into her custom item. We know that our custom hand crafted jewelry will be a gift she will cherish.

  • rad

    7 Interesting Artist Communities In The US

    I always find it interesting to explore new places and communities but I especially enjoy seeing what kind of culture and local traditions are in any towns or cities that I visit. I have listed some of the places I have experienced myself along with others that I hope to get to someday. Western North Carolina, where I have lived for the last year and a half, has some very deeply rooted art and craft traditions that I find fascinating. There are many small, locally run studios all throughout this beautiful, mountainous region to explore.

  • spring break essentials

    Spring Break Essentials

    With spring break arriving for high school and college students, most everyone is preparing to leave for a vacation. As a person with minor OCD, I love check lists. They ensure you don’t forget anything and you successfully plan a full week’s worth of outfits and beauty products for any occasion that may arrive. Be prepared for every moment with the checklist below!

  • to grandmother

    To Grandmother…

    To Grandmother…

    I am lucky enough to still have one of my grandmothers alive. She is one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever met. She just celebrated her 90th birthday. But the most amazing thing about her is that she celebrates life everyday. She always sees the positive and the good in life, and in people. She sings, and dances, and never lets you leave her house hungry. She finds joy in family and the simple things in life. Being around her, I have always felt loved.

  • most popular bangle bracelet

    Most Popular Bangle Bracelet

    “As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be” has been our all-time most popular bangle bracelet. This sweet saying from a well known children’s book has so much meaning to many people. Each bracelet is handmade in the USA. Our most popular bangle bracelet is also personalized with names and birthstones. Each letter of every word and name is carefully hand stamped using a hammer and metal tools and each custom bracelet is truly a work of art.

  • most popular necklace

    Most Popular Necklace

    Our Name Tags and Heart Necklace is our most popular necklace. Each name tag is hand cut to order depending on the length of the names, and the tags are given a textured edge finish. Each name is carefully hand stamped onto the tags, one letter at a time using a hammer and metal tools. Our most popular necklace is truly a work of art and is handmade with love in the USA. We hope that you can sense this care every time you wear your custom personalized necklace!

  • jewelry photo contest

    Jewelry Photo Contest

    We recently had a jewelry photo contest on our Facebook page. We were really excited to see all of the beautiful pictures and were so grateful for the participation of so many of our wonderful customers. We simply asked for photos of the jewelry that customers had purchased with the hashtag #sweetblossomgifts. It was hard to choose the winners because they were all so amazing! The photo used as the header on this post was one of those chosen as the winner which was submitted by Brittany.

  • personalized lockets

    Personalized Lockets

    In our collection of Personalized Lockets, there is something for everybody! From sweet sayings, to your children’s or grandkid’s  names, to weddings and bridesmaids, to a memorial piece, we have the perfect locket to express what’s close to your heart. Add charms from our extensive locket charm collection, and even personalized tags for names or words. Make a locket that is just right for you and tells your special story.

  • bridesmaid gift ideas

    NEW Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

    With spring and summer weddings on the horizon, we have added some new bridesmaid gift ideas! These new interlocking puzzle piece keychains are so cute and perfect for all of the bridesmaids. They are also a great keepsake of the wedding. Each one is personalized with a name and sweet little heart, and can also have the wedding date added.