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    Women Taking the Lead- Update

    Honduras: Women Taking the Lead in Community Development

     This month’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative story comes from Honduras, where Seed Programs International partner, FIPAH (Foundation for Participatory Research with Honduran Farmers), is working with local farmer groups to lay a foundation for self-sustainability through community-led education and local seed production. Farmers are organized into field schools (ECAs) that train community-led farmer research teams (CIALs) over five regions in Honduras.

  • spring break essentials

    Are you ready for summer?

    Are you ready for summer? We can help! We have the perfect summer accessories to complete your trip to the beach, a summer concert, or just going out around town. From hand crafted bags, to beautiful jewelry, we’ll have you covered this summer.

  • women's empowerment initiative update

    Women’s Empowerment Initiative Update

    Women’s Empowerment Initiative Update

    A typical woman in Liberia has a lot of work on her plate in addition to the work of managing her household. And to be clear, this is work, often unpaid and unacknowledged — gathering firewood, fetching water, cooking, hand washing clothes, and taking care of family members. Household work can be a huge burden that limits a woman’s ability to take on paid employment or broaden her skills through training and education.

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    Mommy and Me Sets

    Mommy and Me Sets

    While Mother’s Day may have come and gone, dressing up with your little one is sure to still get lots of ‘aww’s’. Designers everywhere are making “Mommy and Me” collections to match mothers with their little ones. These matching styles range anywhere from matching fabrics and clothing, to jewelry with matching charms. So where can you find these adorable pieces?

  • Mayor Christine Norman, myself and Naima of SPI

    Visit with Mayor Christine Norman

    This weekend I was honored to have a visit with Mayor Christine Norman of Bentol, Liberia. Her city is one of the locations that is supported by our Women’s Empowerment Initiative. It is always such a pleasure to be with her and catch up when she comes for a visit.

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    Time to Think About Dad- Father’s Day Gifts

    Father’s Day is June 18th and it’s time to think about Dad! Handmade gifts take time to create, and now is the time to order for Father’s Day delivery. Let him know how much you appreciate him with a handmade and personalized keychain, or a hand crafted leather wallet or bag. Our Father’s Day gifts are meaningful and heartfelt and Dad or Grandpa will know how much you care as soon as they open it. Below are some of our most popular Father’s Day gifts, as well as some customer reviews.

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    Thoughts About Mother’s Day

    As May 14th approaches, and we are finishing up all of the many personalized jewelry orders for this special holiday, I find myself having many thoughts about Mother’s Day.

    This month (and the entire year) has been one of change and contemplation for me. This past week I heard news that my mother was in the hospital and needing surgery. Those unexpected and difficult moments can cause you to slow down and take a moment from your busy life to consider things. I now have three kids of my own, and understand the joys and the difficulties of parenting. I have been thinking about my own mom, and how amazing she is, although I didn’t always fully understand it.

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    NEW Personalized Birthstone Rings

    Our NEW Personalized Birthstone Rings are simple, beautiful and elegant. With up to 3 birthstones, which are hand-set into the sterling silver band. The inside of the ring can be personalized with names, a special date, words, or a sweet saying. These rings are completely handmade and you will sense the love that goes into the making of each one.

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    Grandmother Jewelry

    Our Grandmother Jewelry makes a beautiful gift. A custom piece personalized with her grandkids’ names and birthstones is sure to be treasured. Each one can also be customized with the special name that her grandkids call her (Nana, Mimi, Oma, Granny, etc).  Our pieces are handmade to order and she will love the care and attention to detail that goes into her custom item. We know that our custom hand crafted jewelry will be a gift she will cherish.

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    7 Interesting Artist Communities In The US

    I always find it interesting to explore new places and communities but I especially enjoy seeing what kind of culture and local traditions are in any towns or cities that I visit. I have listed some of the places I have experienced myself along with others that I hope to get to someday. Western North Carolina, where I have lived for the last year and a half, has some very deeply rooted art and craft traditions that I find fascinating. There are many small, locally run studios all throughout this beautiful, mountainous region to explore.