to grandmother

To Grandmother…

To Grandmother…

I am lucky enough to have one of my grandmothers still with us. She is one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever met. She just celebrated her 90th birthday. But the most amazing thing about her is that she celebrates life everyday. She always sees the positive and the good in life, and in people. She sings, and dances, and never lets you leave her house hungry. She finds joy in family and the simple things in life. I have such fond memories of my time at her house as a child, helping her make homemade pasta, singing, having cookouts. Being around her, I have always felt loved.

My other grandmother had a very different but equally loving personality, and was another of the most wonderful people I have ever known. She raised 11 children, and always gave and gave without complaint. I’ve heard stories about how all of the other kids in the neighborhood always wanted to be at her house. And she welcomed them all in. When I was a child we had really large family gatherings at her house, and she would so graciously host the crowded, crazy bunch of us without a hint of it being hardship (although I’m sure it was). She had MANY grandchildren, but treated each and every one of us as the most special when we were around her.

I was so blessed to grow up with two amazing women that I call my grandmothers. Even as a child, I loved being around them both.

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Sometimes in the business of life, I forget to call my grandmother (we don’t live close) and let her know how much she means to me. I forget to send her cards and just take the time to appreciate how much she has meant in my life all these years. She is 90 years old. She won’t always be with me. And I want to take every chance I get to let her know what an absolutely amazing person she is and how much she has affected my life. How lucky I am that my own children have had an opportunity to know her as their great-grandmother.

Most of us can relate to this love for our grandmothers. We look to them as examples of how to be mothers and show unconditional love.

May we remember how much a grandmother means to us and how much it means to her that we let her know every chance we get and in every way we can.

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