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Q What do I do if my necklace is tarnishing?

We use only the highest quality materials, and many of our items are sterling silver. Silver will have some natural tarnishing that occurs. 
Each order is shipped with a small polishing pad (if you did not receive one, please contact us). This pad should take care of any tarnishing that occurs, especially if you take care of it regularly. 

Here are some other tips for caring for your jewelry:
- Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry, dark place. Silver tarnish has a way of sneaking up on you, especially if you live in a very humid climate.
- Avoid leaving sterling silver in humid areas such as the bathroom. Swimming and bathing could cause permanent damage to your jewelry as well as contact with chemicals (such as fumes from bleach, etc), cosmetics, perfume, lotions and hairspray.