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Pewter Jewelry

Q How do I care for my Pewter Jewelry?

Pewter jewelry has the sleek look of silver, the soft feel of gold and a personality all its own. Unlike other metals, pewter doesn't tarnish but instead oxidizes into a deeper shade. Many people love the antiquated look this dark patina provides, but some prefer to keep their jewelry in the condition and shade it originally came with. All it takes to keep pewter jewelry looking fabulous is a little bit of time and care.

It may look tough, but pewter is a soft metal that's easily bent, scratched and broken. Proper storage protects it from mishap. 

Clean your jewelry. If you've been sweating during the heat of summer or your jewelry has been sitting in storage for a year or more, it could probably use cleaning. To clean pewter jewelry, rub it down with nonabrasive dish soap and water and then immediately dry it thoroughly.